A Covid Project

The Bowls symbolize our relationship to big ideas through the small and ordinary. How, with focused attention, we may see the sacred displayed in the mundane, and know the Zen of being completely in the moment. Only three current projects...

This series, initiated as a Covid project has continued with recent pieces placed within landscapes, steam rises from them, the vapours join and become one with the clouds. This merging reflects the interconnectedness of all things, the determining concept of all my work for several decades. Thich Nat Han, a beloved contemporary Buddhist master addressed this when he held up a schedule saying "there isn’t a way I can get rid of this sheet of paper. If I burn it, there will be ash remaining, it will become earth, the earth will grow trees, they will become more paper. You see, everything is inter-being."

Also steam rising from the bowl, joining the clouds, links the tea drinker with the mists of heaven, where a second bowl may appear, one belonging to a departed soul mate.