Part of Field Studies

The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). Usually, a person draws the ensō in one fluid, expressive stroke. When drawn according to the sōsho (草書) style of Japanese calligraphy, the brushstroke is especially swift.

This series is derived from the the techniques and experiences gained from ‘Field Studies’ and ‘Out of Stillness’. Here the viewer can be absorbed and transported to a spacious universe of infinite possibility. I wish to bring attention to the strength and beauty of the circle from Paleolithic beginnings to predominance in contemporary art and design.

The elements are combined to create visual metaphors related to the psyche.

The enchantment that painting presents and the integrity of this experience can prove what is imagined, when looking at art, is as real as any other experience that creates our world.