Soup Can
  Painted summer 2012 ...Hornby Island water tank (the corner of Brigantine and Harwood Road) in memory of
Annette Hurtig becomes contemporary  art icon ...thanks to Andy Warhol.

Red, White and Soup: Hornby Island Public Art Project
A Rusted Water Tank is Transformed into Contemporary Art and a Warhol Tribute

Startling and unexpected, the art-loving population of Hornby Island now has a fun roadside attraction to add to the list of views, beaches and wildlife the island is known for. The oversized Campbell's soup can tribute to Andy Warhol is the work of internationally-known painter Roberta Pyx Sutherland.

The Community Arts Council commissioned her to transform the large, rusty and dented water tank, the fire hall's water reservoir, into a piece of public art. She could hardly believe it. The dimensions were perfect. If rendered properly, it would be surreal - like the Jolly Green Giant had dropped a can of soup from his lunch bucket. It could be a landmark. People would enjoy it and laugh at the improbability of such acclaimed art (Campbell's created reproductions of the can series and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City created an exhibition around it) landing on Hornby.

It took over 100 hours of concentrated effort to complete. Pyx, like Warhol, has studied many styles and methods of art, ranging from ceramic shrines to copper engraving. She has traveled through Asia, India and Africa She has studied with Zen Roshis and Tibetan thanka painters. While some of Pyx's drawings and collages may look three-dimensional, this was the first time she had worked on an enormous curved metal surface. The proportions had to be exact. Lots of challenges along the way.

Pyx first bought her Grassy Point studio on Hornby in 1998. She has continued to be involved with the community, offering work-shops, fund-raising, opening her studio every summer and showing regularly on the island.

Joan Athey
Edited from Island Grapevine

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Pyx and can      Tribute to Warhol

Pyx working on the Tribute To Andy Warhol